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 Match-Up Battle Thread: The Captain vs Seras

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PostSubject: Match-Up Battle Thread: The Captain vs Seras   Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:36 pm

The Captain (Base) vs. Seras
They're as close as you can get here. Seras can handle The Captain's raw power, and she has several special abilities she can use to keep The Captain on his toes. They're equal in fighting speed and in punching power, but The Captain can kick harder than Seras can do with her punches/kicks. So overall The Captain is physically stronger than Seras. The Captain is also more durable, but it's not a problem for Seras, as she blew up his arms with her punches (and vice versa). Stat-wise, The Captain is a little above Seras, and his mist-shifting can match her shadow-shifting. Only difference is that Seras can change the shape and form of her shadows to be used as a weapon, while The Captain can't do that with his mist. In that way, Seras has more range. Their regeneration is also on par with each other. Seras benefits from having a familiar to give her tactical support and make up for her unpolished combat intelligence. With Pip guiding her tactically, she would have killed The Captain if he couldn't mist-shift. However, The Captain is more skillful. He is a better fighter, as shown when he blindsided Seras by throwing his clothes over her and when he was able to predict her movements. That in my mind is enough to make up for Pip and higher range. Against The Captain's fighting senses, having Pip won't be enough for her to beat him. The only way for Seras to win is if she has silver, and The Captain is suicidal.

Winner: The Captain with high diff.

The Captain (Werewolf) vs. Seras
When The Captain transforms, his physical stats increase and the close proximity between their physical prowess is gone. Seras is no longer about as strong as The Captain, who'd be far faster, stronger, and possibly more durable. He created destruction when he uprooted floor tiles just by jumping, something he couldn't do in his base form. Walter also noted his speed as despite being bigger, The Captain was still able to easily dodge his wires. With a single kick, he'd likely do to Seras what he did to Girlucard - snap her in half. Seras's attacks would be outmanuevered, and she would be dominated by him in a physical fight. She probably would not be able to damage him much.

Winner: The Captain with low-mid difficulty.

The Captain (Fully Transformed) vs. Seras
It's already shown in canon that Seras could no take him on. Although she's fast enough to keep up with his speed, The Captain is simply too big and too strong for his attacks to miss. Simply by brushing against her, Seras was sent flying and had her willpower crushed. Although she was able to take two of his direct blows, she was still a bloody mess both times. All Seras is is a punching bag, and a full-on hit would have likely killed her.

Winner: The Captain with low difficulty.
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Match-Up Battle Thread: The Captain vs Seras
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