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 Match-Up Battle Thread: The Captain (Werewolf) vs. Anderson

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PostSubject: Match-Up Battle Thread: The Captain (Werewolf) vs. Anderson   Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:20 pm

The Captain (Werewolf) vs. Alexander Anderson (Human)
Here, The Captain is above Anderson in physical stats. Although Captain won't be so fast that he can blitz Anderson (since Teen Walter can still react to him), Anderson will have some trouble keeping up with his physical speed. The Captain should also be able to deal some more damaging blows that he would otherwise tank if captain was in base form. My guess is that Captain's kicks would be severe, serious enough to blow off a decent chunk of flesh. Anderson's regeneration won't be affected, so he can still heal from his attacks.

Captain probably won't be able to knock down Anderson's willpower like he did with Seras. So long as he has that fighting spirit that Alucard attributed to strong humans, Anderson can endure Captain's attacks and keep on fighting. My guess is that Captain would rely less on mist-shifting and more on trying to physically dominate his opponent. This gives Anderson a pretty good chance in hitting Captain in the heart with his bayonets, which are still his weakness.

The only difference in this fight from Base Captain vs. Human Anderson is that it'll be a lot harder for Anderson to tag The Captain with his bayonets, since his speed and agility allows him to dodge suck attacks. The Captain can evade the bayonet attacks and it'll be a lot easier for him to damage Anderson.

Winner: Could go either way. I'm siding with Alexander Anderson with extreme difficulty, but it can also be The Captain (Werewolf) with extreme-ish (mid-high) difficulty.

The Captain (Fully Transformed) vs. Alexander Anderson (Human)
Captain's physical stats are leaps and bounds above Anderson's. Although Captain isn't fast enough to blitz, he's big enough to end the fight in a few seconds. Anderson won't miss with his bayonets, but they won't penetrate too deeply. And with that new anatomical form, Anderson won't know where the heart is. He'll likely take a direct hit that will cripple him and injure him beyond immediate regeneration. And after that, Captain can maul his body beyond regeneration or just eat him and poop him out.

Winner: The Captain with low-mid difficulty.

The Captain (Werewolf) vs. Alexander Anderson (Monster)
Whereas there was uncertainly in the first match, there is none here. In here, Anderson match werewolf Captain's physical stats once more. Although his strength isn't as high, his speed certainly is - if not having even faster reactions and attack speed. With Anderson's speed and silver bayonets, he'll have an easier time tagging Captain in the heart. Anderson is also durable enough to take his attacks, and his regeneration allows him to shrug off his punches/kicks.

His vines can provide range support to harass the Captain or distract him. It shouldn't be difficult for Captain to break the vines, but their sheer numbers will be a challenge to him. And once he's set on fire, he's done for.

Winner: Alexander Anderson with mid difficulty.

The Captain (Fully Transformed) vs. Alexander Anderson (Monster)
Captain's stats are above Anderson here. There is no dodging here - it'll be a straight-up tank and/or hit match. Captain will ram Anderson and has the plowing strength to deal some heavy damage. However, Anderson's tanking ability and regeneration avails him here. Unlike with Seras, he should be able to take a fully direct hit without his heart rupturing, and endure the attack while regenerating the damage. He can guard himself with arms or support himself with vines to increase his defense. He can also jump over Captain and land on his back where he can't see too well.

Anderson's option in taking captain down is limited. With his size and new anatomy, Anderson may or may not target his heart. Instead, he'll probably just try to stick one of his bayonets right into Captain and set him on fire. The holy fire will get inside of Captain's body and immobilize him from doing anything else. Captain will then be roasted into ashes by the anti-monster flames.

Winner: Alexander Anderson with low/mid-high difficulty.
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Match-Up Battle Thread: The Captain (Werewolf) vs. Anderson
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