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 Match-Up Battle Thread: Walter (Human) vs. Anderson

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PostSubject: Match-Up Battle Thread: Walter (Human) vs. Anderson   Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:56 pm

Walter C. Dornez (Old) vs. Alexander Anderson (Human)
Walter's speed and agility are exceptional, even in old age. In physical speed, he can keep up with Anderson. But Anderson has better reflexes/reactions, and his swinging/throwing speed with his bayonets are faster than Walter's own movement speed. As quick on his foot as Walter is, he won't be able to dodge Anderson's bayonets as when he bullet-timed against the ghoul army. Walter also did not show the same skill and versatility of his wires as he did with his vampire forms, such as erecting wire shields. This means that he can only try to slice down the bayonets before they reach him, which is unlikely given their velocity. Even if he manages to cut them all down, Anderson can still keep on spamming them, which would surely overwhelm Walter. At some point, at least one of them will tag him and given Walter's own lack of durability and endurance feats, we can conclude that his old body would not be able to fight normally if damaged.

Walter can still cut Anderson's body up with his wires, and seeing as he invented The Jackal, he would know a thing or two about bypassing specifically Anderson's regeneration. However, Anderson has greater range with his bayonets and he is faster too, meaning he'll be the one to land an attack first.

Winner: Alexander Anderson with high-low or low-mid difficulty.

Walter C. Dornez (Old) vs. Alexander Anderson (Monster)

Winner: Alexander Anderson with no difficulty.

Walter C. Dornez (Teen) vs. Alexander Anderson (Human)
Back in World War Two, Walter can match Anderson's physical speed and reactions. He's also more able to handle his bayonet speeds. My guess is that he'll be able to cut down the first barrage pretty easily, but when he finds Anderson spamming them at him, Walter would be overwhelmed, especially considering his inferior skill over his wires compared to his more experienced, veteran self. Walter here is more cocky and arrogant, thus he is more prone to make mistakes/be caught off-guard since his own judgement is unpolished. Someone like Anderson will captivate on that, and may even deliberately play on Walter's hot-headed temper to enrage him and disorient his "combat equilibruim". Anderson would have to do well to stay away from the wires, but so long as he keeps on throwing bayonets while avoiding getting sliced, he'll stick one inside of Walter.

However, Walter here has tanking ability. He endured three of Captain's punches. Unless Anderson skewers him thoroughly, Walter's fighting spirit prevents him from being taken down. Once Walter has him within range of his wires, he can try to enclose him to prevent evasion and cut up Anderson's body, which he can easily do. Anderson also should not get too close, otherwise Walter would headbutt him and tie his wires around his neck. Unlike Captain, Anderson's flesh isn't durable enough to withstand the cutting force, so he'll be beheaded.

Overall, although Walter is more lethal and has better stats, his relative inexperience and cocky self handicaps him.

Winner: Alexander Anderson with high-mid or low-high difficulty.

Walter C. Dornez (Teen) vs. Alexander Anderson (Monster)
Walter's screwed here.

Winner: Alexander Anderson with mid-low difficulty.
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Match-Up Battle Thread: Walter (Human) vs. Anderson
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