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 Match-Up Battle Thread: Walter (Vampire) vs. Anderson

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PostSubject: Match-Up Battle Thread: Walter (Vampire) vs. Anderson   Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:07 pm

Walter C. Dornez (Vampire Adult) vs. Alexander Anderson (Human)
Walter outclasses Anderson in every way here. With a plethora of extra-long wires that can blitz Anderson, the Paladin probably would have his arms and legs bound/severed by the time he tries to throw a bayonet. His bayonets can't get through Walter's wire shields, which tanked the Casull (a real-life Casull applies a bullet pressure twice as much as the pressure needed to break reinforced glass). Anderson is too slow, his regen too weak, and his body to Walter's wires as knife is to butter.

Winner: Walter C. Dornez with low-mid difficulty.

Walter C. Dornez (Vampire Adult) vs. Alexander Anderson (Monster)
The real match. Here, their physical stats match. They're about as fast as each other, with Anderson perhaps having a little faster reflexes. Anderson is more durable, but is still not a problem for the wires. His regeneration is formidable, but again nothing that Walter can't handle. In a close quarters match, Anderson is almost like vampire kryptonite. Within 5m, he can punt Walter and blitz him before he can attack with his wires. However, it's unlikely they'll start that close and Walter wouldn't let him get a CQC advantage without being prepared to handle it.

With his ranged wires, he can cut Anderson up without his bayonets getting to him. They'll either be blocked, cut down, or dodged a distance away. It'll be easy for him to bind Anderson and throw him around, as when he thrashed Alucard. Anderson's vines and flames probably won't pose a problem if they're a distance away, and if they can be easily sliced.

Portrayal points to Walter as the superior, and even when Walter was watching the entire fight alongside The Major and the Doctor, he was clearly unimpressed and called him trash. He also (arguably) handled and outclassed Alucard in a more dominant manner than Anderson. Walter's disadvantages are his time limit and reversion flaw. His time limit won't prove to be too much of an issue, as the battle would be quickly decided and Walter has no reason to play around with Anderson.

Once Anderson sticks a bayonet inside of him, the battle is over. Walter would either revert to his teen self or explode. In close range, Anderson would dominate him. In all other scenarios though, Walter would cut him up before he can regenerate fully. As a vampire hunter, he would know to target the heart as the weakness of all monsters.

Winner: Walter C. Dornez with high-mid or low-high difficulty.

Walter C. Dornez (Vampire Teen) vs. Alexander Anderson (Human)
Walter's physical stats are better (except durability) and his wires are also superior (longer). He also has regeneration, however that's a double-edged sword. His reversion is still in play, so if he gets hit by something he needs to regenerate from, the battle would be over. His endurance is better since he could shrug off sniper bullets entering his eye. Technically, he has veteran experience and skill over his wires.

Winner: Could go either way. It'd be extreme difficulty for either of them, although it probably looks slightly better for Alexander Anderson.

Walter C. Dornez (Vampire Teen) vs. Alexander Anderson (Monster)
Walter can't do anything here.

Winner: Alexander Anderson with high-low difficulty.
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Match-Up Battle Thread: Walter (Vampire) vs. Anderson
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